Executive Coaching

Leadership & Executive Coaching

With 15 years experience of providing one to one leadership and executive coaching, we know that coaching works. We have seen it transform client’s lives.

At Thrive, we take a solution focused, systemic approach to coaching, driven by our client and their needs, that leads to guaranteed results.

Leaders and managers today operate in an ever changing, complex, highly demanding environment. One to one executive coaching is the bridge that helps leaders to successfully navigate this challenging landscape and not only perform at their peak, but thrive both at work and in their home life.

Coaching enables you to step off the day to day treadmill, pause and reflect, and create your own plan. A coach facilitates learning (or sometimes even more importantly, unlearning), clears barriers and helps to uproot unhelpful thinking and beliefs. Working with the coach as a trusted collaborative partner, significant, often transformational, change becomes possible.

At Thrive, we are experienced in supporting clients in the following key areas:

  • Enhancing performance

  • Leading significant change projects

  • Developing their personal leadership approach, style and behaviours

  • Succeeding in new leadership roles

  • Career development and interview support

  • Resilience and wellbeing

  • People management, including dealing with difficult situations and issues

Our Approach

We take a client centred, holistic approach to coaching, focused on each client’s unique needs, guided by this as to the most appropriate models, tools and techniques for each client.

All coaching assignments begin with an initial meeting, to ensure a good fit between the coach and client, to clarify the overall goal of the coaching contract and to agree their bespoke coaching process.  When appropriate, this conversation can also include the commissioning manager or HR. 

Typically, we meet with clients on a monthly basis, for 90 minutes, for 4-6 sessions, either in person or by video conferencing.  This will vary depending on client need, so for example, a leader in a new senior role may prefer a 12 month coaching programme to help them transition and succeed in their first year, or we may work with someone who is facing a specific challenging situation and needs only 2-3 sessions. 

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team coaching goes beyond team building and team facilitation to unlock the performance potential of the teams we work with.

Team coaching is a powerful interactive and developmental process where the coach enables the team to create a shared culture, agree aspirational yet tangible goals, find their own solutions, discover new opportunities, and implement actions.  Team coaching works with the team as a system, rather than a group of individuals and it focuses on real, business critical goals and blockages. 

At Thrive, we know that each team is unique and deliver a tailored programme for each client.  We start by clear commissioning, understanding the needs of that particular team and creating a baseline from which we can measure progress. We work with the team over time, both collectively and on a one to one basis.  We create a space that helps the team to surface issues, facilitate real and meaningful dialogue and build lasting relationships.  Our coaching creates real shifts in individual and collective performance.

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