Team Coaching

Team coaching goes beyond team building and team facilitation to unlock the performance potential of the teams we work with.

Team coaching is a powerful interactive and developmental process where the coach enables the team to create a shared culture, agree aspirational yet tangible goals, find their own solutions, discover new opportunities, and implement actions.  Team coaching works with the team as a system, rather than a group of individuals and it focuses on real, business critical goals and blockages.

 At Thrive, we know that each team is unique and deliver a tailored programme for each client.  We start by clear commissioning, understanding the needs of that particular team and creating a baseline from which we can measure progress. We work with the team over time, both collectively and on a one to one basis.  We create a space that helps the team to surface issues, facilitate real and meaningful dialogue and build lasting relationships.  Our coaching creates real shifts in individual and collective performance.

Marie Ferrisbottom