Women who Thrive

At Thrive, we are passionate about working with, and supporting women, in the workplace.

We have 25 years experience of working with talented women, helping them to grow, develop and thrive both at work and home.

  • Women who feel stuck and who aren’t achieving the success that they deserve 

  • Women who are having difficulty finding the right work life balance for them

  • Women who are just starting out in their first leadership role and need to build their confidence, or develop their career plan

  • Women who work in a male dominated area

  • Women who are coming back after maternity leave

  • Women who have been appointed to senior roles and have that impostor voice in their head

  • Women in the midlife of their careers, who are starting to feel burned out and want to find their spark again

  • Women who want to recreate themselves, and their careers

  • Women who have been too busy looking after others, to focus their time and energy on themselves

  • Women who are just surviving in their current role, rather than thriving



Coaching can be absolutely transformational for women. It allows you a safe confidential space to really focus on the issues that matter to you and then take small actions that build confidence and help you to move forward to where you want to be. Working with a coach who supports but also challenges you, who can help you identify those often deep set beliefs that hold you back; this unlocks potential and give you the courage to take braver steps than you could ever achieve on your own.


If you want to support women in your workplace we can help you. Whether that’s working with you to deliver development programmes, supporting you to set up internal mentoring or coaching programmes or working one on one with your staff, we would love to support you.


We are running a series of Women who Thrive events across Northern Ireland. These will be short and affordable workshops with a range of presenters delivering on key topics. And taking that critical coaching approach, participants will leave with a number of small actions that lead to big impact. The first series of events will focus on the building blocks of wellbeing and resilience, the essential foundations for living a thriving life. We are running courses in Portstewart and Belfast in August. You can find out more information and book on the course by clicking the button below.


We are currently developing our Women who Thrive 4 month programme. This unique programme is aimed at women who want to grow and develop in their career but not at the expense of everything else in their life. It will help you to think holistically, to create challenging but achievable goals and to develop the skills you need to get there. The programme will be supported by one to one and group coaching. It will be an opportunity to create the thriving life that we all deserve. We plan to launch this programme in January 2020.

If you are interested and would like more details when the programme is finalised, please get in touch.